Manager Hones Leadership Skills in Graduate Program

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As a general manager at the Georgia Ports Authority, Karl Nell oversees almost 100 people in the crane division at one of the world’s busiest ports. So, when Nell decided he wanted to learn more about how to lead and influence his employees, he turned to The Citadel’s leadership studies program. It was a great fit for Nell in his desire to hone his leadership skills and people management techniques, … Read More

Thought Leader: Attorney Shakes Up Concept of Billable Hours

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Trey Nantz has some pretty strong – and progressive – views on how to shake up the legal profession. Three years ago, Nantz opened his own small firm so he could get back to the roots of the profession as problem solvers for the public. Somewhere along the way, lawyers lost sight of that role and Nantz says the concept of billable hours is largely to blame. In many situations, … Read More

7 Signs of a Great Financial Planner

Sponsored by: The Gorman Financial Group What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to their financial planning? It’s not what you think. The biggest mistake, says Rob Gorman of The Gorman Financial Group in Charleston, S.C., is hiring financial experts who don’t fully understand your values and vision. Help ensure you find the right financial planner to protect your future by looking for these seven characteristics: 1. They … Read More

3 Questions for Contractors Seeking a Building Foundation Expert

One look around the Charleston region and it is evident the commercial construction industry is alive and well. From retail centers and hotels to restaurants and medical facilities, commercial contractors are busy creating a variety of new structures to accommodate Charleston’s growing population. Regardless of the size, scope or ultimate function, each building needs a solid foundation, which means turning to a company that can lay the groundwork for a … Read More

Why You Need an Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney

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  "If I Can't Make Your Case Better - I'll Tell You What To Do" A work-related injury – especially a severe one requiring extensive medical care – can cause serious hardship. Not only does the employee have to deal with the injury, treatment and recovery, but they are also facing the stress of whether they can return to work and the hardship placed on their family.Workers’ compensation insurance is in … Read More

Can You Identify These Common House Foundation Issues?

How many times have you heard someone dismiss foundation cracks as simply an old house that's "settling"? Ignoring foundation problems such as cracks and uneven floors can lead to serious - and expensive - problems down the road. Homes are built on dirt and, over time, that dirt will shift and settle. Clay, for example, will contract and expand depending on the moisture. Sand will erode after significant rainfall or … Read More

Charleston's Top Exclusive Buyer's Agents

Prior to founding The Real Buyer’s Agent, David Kent worked as a home builder for years. Thanks in part to his close connection to the real estate industry, friends and family often approached him for advice or assistance when buying a home and he quickly saw a unique need to fill: There were no real estate agents in Charleston who worked exclusively for home buyers. So he and his business … Read More

How Social Media Can Give Your Business a Boost

With more than 2.3 billion active users and more than 1.9 billion mobile users globally, social media presents a huge opportunity for brands. In fact, 83 percent of all marketers say they use social media as part of their marketing efforts. If you're a business owner, you probably have a Facebook page and maybe even a Twitter account. But are you actually using social media to its full advantage?

3 Reasons to Spend Your Tax Refund on Your Roof

Getting a tax refund this year? Why not take that money and invest it back into your greatest asset - your home. If you haven't done any roof maintenance lately, there's no time like the present. The sooner you make repairs or replace your roof, the better off you'll be.Here are 3 smart reasons to spend this year's tax refund on your roof.1. Spend a little now and save big … Read More

Neglecting Your Home's Crawl Space Could Cost You Big

When was the last time you checked out the crawl space under your house? It's an area most homeowners avoid because no one relishes the ideas of crawling through cobwebs or encountering some creepy creatures in dark corners. But leave the crawl space unchecked and you could find yourself facing a serious foundation issue. The crawl space is part of your home's overall structural system and if it begins to … Read More

How to Make Search Marketing Work for Your Business

The internet has changed every aspect of our world, including advertising and marketing. Today, it's not enough to rely on traditional print or even TV ads - you need to be seen in the digital space to reach a modern audience.And the best way to be seen on the internet? Search engine marketing.Also known as "paid search," SEM refers to ads purchased on search engines in order to increase traffic … Read More

Do Mid-Career Professionals Make the Best School Teachers?

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Sponsored by: The Citadel It’s not uncommon for people to spend 10 or even 20 years in a particular career field and then decide to take an entirely new path. Sometimes they are military retirees, parents who want to re-enter the workforce after their children start school, or simply mid-career professionals looking for a change of pace and a way to make a difference.Those career changers often make the very best … Read More

8 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth Shine

Business expos, industry trade shows and event exhibits – if you’re in business, chances are you have one of these on your calendar in the coming months. These opportunities can be a great way to connect with potential customers, find new vendors and simply network with your community or industry.

5 Ways to Make Networking Work for You

How many times have you dreaded going to a networking event? Either you feel awkward approaching strangers or you fear being mobbed by overzealous salespeople. But business functions, tradeshows and conferences have the potential to give you and your company a real boost - especially in a city like Charleston that's built on relationships.