Use the Summer Break to Organize Important Documents

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Sponsored by: Stuhr Funeral Home There’s something about the summer that calls for a little cleaning and organizing. We have kids’ artwork and photos from the school year, family documents and a disheveled filing cabinet filled with “important papers” – but in an emergency situation, would anyone else be able to figure out your filing system? Whether it’s a hurricane, illness or a death, there are key documents that need … Read More

5 Myths about Calories and Weight Loss

Sponsored by: MUSC Health Weight Management CenterMany people simplify the weight loss process: burn more calories than you consume. But, it’s a little more complex than that. How well do you understand calories and their role as fuel for the body? Do you have a grasp on just how many calories you’ll need to burn to see a significant weight loss?Start by understanding these 5 common calorie myths:1. We burn … Read More

5 Ways to Guide Your Child Through the Loss of a Family Pet

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Sponsored by: Stuhr Funeral HomeIf you spend any time at all on Facebook, you’ll inevitably see a friend post about the passing of a beloved pet. Friends chime in with their condolences and their own stories of dealing with the death of a cat, dog, horse or even a lovable lizard. Pets are such a part of the family – they nap on the couch and sleep on the bed. … Read More

5 Reasons Not to Skip Your Annual Check Up

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If you're not sick, then like most people, you avoid the doctor's at all costs. Without symptoms or ailments, there might not appear to be a need for medical attention. But the best way to avoid needing a doctor is to go to one in the first place. By being proactive and getting a yearly physical, you are making your health a priority. Here are 5 great reasons to schedule … Read More

How a Grief Support Group Can Help After a Loss

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After losing a spouse, child or close family member, it’s hard not to just crawl into bed and ignore the chiming doorbell or ringing phone. Eating a meal or taking a shower can be incredibly challenging, so the idea of carrying on a conversation with others seems like a monumental task.And while some alone time to deal with the initial emotion and shock is part of the grieving process, getting … Read More

Eating in Season Never Tasted so Good

Eating well in South Carolina has never been so easy. With restaurants sourcing local fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats, and farmers markets popping up in every community, it's not hard to have fresh, local food on your plate.Over the years, we've grown accustomed to getting whatever fruits and vegetables we want from the grocery store at any time of the year. Shoppers forgot produce has a season and that strawberries … Read More

Weight Loss Left to Your Own Devices: How Technology Can Help You Manage Your Weight

For decades people have turned to gadgets and gear for help with weight loss. Think vibrating belt machines, exercise sauna suits, devices to pace your chewing, and nylon waist cords to alert you to a weight gain (until you cut them off!).Nowadays we have scores of new digital devices to assist with weight control efforts. While the jury is still out on their direct effects on weight loss, they are … Read More

4 Natural Places to Get Fit in the Lowcountry

Technically the calendar hasn't turned to spring yet, but that doesn't matter here in the Lowcountry where sunshine and blue skies beckon residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the South Carolina coast. If your New Year's resolutions included exercise and fresh air or if you're just looking for a new spot to get in a hike or jog, you're in luck. Here are four spectacular places to get fit … Read More

Are you allergic to your mattress?

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Most people have a love/hate relationship with spring. They love the appearance of green on trees, as they come back to life and blossoms and vibrant colors bursting on flowers and shrubs. On the other hand, pollen fills the air, causing constant sneezing and watery eyes. While, spring is a beautiful season, it sure wreaks havoc on allergies.