3 Questions for Contractors Seeking a Building Foundation Expert

One look around the Charleston region and it is evident the commercial construction industry is alive and well. From retail centers and hotels to restaurants and medical facilities, commercial contractors are busy creating a variety of new structures to accommodate Charleston’s growing population. Regardless of the size, scope or ultimate function, each building needs a solid foundation, which means turning to a company that can lay the groundwork for a … Read More

The Brand New Model at Stonoview is Now Open

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JOHNS ISLAND, SC - Those who love the outdoor Lowcountry lifestyle will find themselves at home in Johns Island's newest riverfront community, Stonoview: developed and built by Lennar Homes starting in the mid $300s.Nestled along the banks of the Stono River, just seven miles from downtown Charleston, Stonoview embodies everything that makes the Lowcountry such a sought-after place to call home. In this community, natural beauty abounds. Homes are built … Read More

Can You Identify These Common House Foundation Issues?

How many times have you heard someone dismiss foundation cracks as simply an old house that's "settling"? Ignoring foundation problems such as cracks and uneven floors can lead to serious - and expensive - problems down the road. Homes are built on dirt and, over time, that dirt will shift and settle. Clay, for example, will contract and expand depending on the moisture. Sand will erode after significant rainfall or … Read More

Charleston's Top Exclusive Buyer's Agents

Prior to founding The Real Buyer’s Agent, David Kent worked as a home builder for years. Thanks in part to his close connection to the real estate industry, friends and family often approached him for advice or assistance when buying a home and he quickly saw a unique need to fill: There were no real estate agents in Charleston who worked exclusively for home buyers. So he and his business … Read More

Kick the Clutter with These Spring Cleaning Tips

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The bees are buzzing and temperatures are rising - have you gotten the urge to start cleaning house yet? If you have the spring cleaning bug, you're not alone. In fact, a 2013 survey for the American Cleaning Institute found more than 70 percent of people engage in some form of spring cleaning each year.The top three rooms to get a spruce up are the bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. Other … Read More

Charleston Real Estate Agents Honored as Top in the Market

In a community with such a booming real estate market, countless residential and commercial real estate agents are hard at work, helping homeowners and business owners find the perfect property.But in 2016, two agents rose to the top. The Charleston Trident Association of Realtors® (CTAR) honors one commercial and one residential Realtor® each year as nominated by their peers and colleagues.Ann Whalen was honored as the 2016 Residential Realtor® of … Read More

3 Reasons to Spend Your Tax Refund on Your Roof

Getting a tax refund this year? Why not take that money and invest it back into your greatest asset - your home. If you haven't done any roof maintenance lately, there's no time like the present. The sooner you make repairs or replace your roof, the better off you'll be.Here are 3 smart reasons to spend this year's tax refund on your roof.1. Spend a little now and save big … Read More

Neglecting Your Home's Crawl Space Could Cost You Big

When was the last time you checked out the crawl space under your house? It's an area most homeowners avoid because no one relishes the ideas of crawling through cobwebs or encountering some creepy creatures in dark corners. But leave the crawl space unchecked and you could find yourself facing a serious foundation issue. The crawl space is part of your home's overall structural system and if it begins to … Read More

Don't Miss The Opening Of Stratton By The Sound, True To Mount Pleasant.

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Join us for the Grand Opening celebration of a very special community and lifestyle. Stratton by the Sound was created as a timeless reflection of the natural lowcountry beauty that surrounds it. Majestic rivers, winding creeks and serene salt marsh expanses all create a sense of arrival, of coming home to a place that has always been here for you. Stratton by the Sound offers a uniquely balanced life. A peaceful … Read More

3 Crafty Ways to Create a Cozier Home This Fall

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Warm winter sweaters, comfy scarves, soft slippers – when the colder weather of fall arrives, it’s time to bundle up. And while you’re updating your wardrobe, why not outfit your home in some comfy fabrics too? Seasonal fabrics for your home come in an array of materials and styles, from pop-pom trim to grass cloth wallpaper.

Your Coffee Table Is a Blank Canvas: Twelve Ways to Make Yours a Statement

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Typically, your coffee table is one of the most important style elements of your home—think of it as a blank canvas. Think about it, besides our kitchens, we spend a lot of time living it up and chatting up guests in our living rooms. It’s an engaging and direct place to share a little bit about you and your interests—and your wit. These twelve tips show the way to “paint” a masterpiece with your coffee table without so much as a brushstroke.

Seven Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Pop

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While the Lowcountry’s winter was mild, who isn’t excited spring is here? We welcome our vines of jasmine and honeysuckle, our foxglove and rose olives. Azaleas seem especially bright this year, so it’s nearly certain we’re in for a treat—and that it’s high time we get our outdoor living space ready for action.

A simpler approach to Holiday Cooking

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The holidays are a time for friends, family and food (and in many houses, football). It’s a chance to spend a full day devoted to appreciating our community and all the people in it. If you’ve been tapped to host the annual holiday dinner, you may be feeling both excitement and anxiety – even if you’ve hosted a dozen holiday dinners over the years.