7 Signs of a Great Financial Planner

Sponsored by: The Gorman Financial Group What is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to their financial planning? It’s not what you think. The biggest mistake, says Rob Gorman of The Gorman Financial Group in Charleston, S.C., is hiring financial experts who don’t fully understand your values and vision. Help ensure you find the right financial planner to protect your future by looking for these seven characteristics: 1. They … Read More

Use the Summer Break to Organize Important Documents

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Sponsored by: Stuhr Funeral Home There’s something about the summer that calls for a little cleaning and organizing. We have kids’ artwork and photos from the school year, family documents and a disheveled filing cabinet filled with “important papers” – but in an emergency situation, would anyone else be able to figure out your filing system? Whether it’s a hurricane, illness or a death, there are key documents that need … Read More

Why You Need an Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney

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  "If I Can't Make Your Case Better - I'll Tell You What To Do" A work-related injury – especially a severe one requiring extensive medical care – can cause serious hardship. Not only does the employee have to deal with the injury, treatment and recovery, but they are also facing the stress of whether they can return to work and the hardship placed on their family.Workers’ compensation insurance is in … Read More