Livin’ la vida Lowcountry (Right in your own backyard)

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By: H. A. Fisher

Living the Lowcountry life may mean something a little different to everyone, but just about everybody can agree it involves water, food and history. Now how you choose to experience those aspects varies from kayaking on the creek to taking a Summerville history tour or gathering with friends for a casual backyard barbecue.

There’s certainly no arguing we can all benefit from a little more Lowcountry in our daily existence. Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been here two decades, here are four ways to infuse the Lowcountry experience into your life. And the very best part is it’s all right here in your own backyard.

  1. Host a Lowcountry boil.

    Also known as "frogmore stew," this one-pot dish is perfect for feeding family, friends and neighbors in your backyard or residents of The Ponds can gather at the Pavilion, an open-air shelter with a fireplace and picnic tables under the live oaks. A Lowcountry boil doesn't require many ingredients: small red potatoes, sausage, ears of corn and shrimp. Toss them in a pot with water and seasonings and you have a Lowcountry feast.

  2. Experience a true Lowcountry forest.

    With more than 17 miles of community trails at The Ponds, residents are almost guaranteed to spot bright yellow prothonotary warblers as they pause along the many trails on the property. Hiking the extensive trail system at The Ponds is like taking a step back in time and surrounding yourself with ancient live oaks, birds and native wildlife.

  3. Tour the Sweet Tea Trail.

    Delve into Summerville’s sweet history, explore its downtown and hear the stories of yesteryear with a series of events and tours around town.

  4. Learn to kayak.

    Practically a Lowcountry rite of passage, kayaking on the waterways at The Ponds is the perfect way to explore nature and even get up close and personal with waterfowl and wildlife. Shultz Lake and the ponds on the property provide excellent spots for novice kayakers – as well as those experienced water lovers.

With so many of these activities so conveniently located in The Ponds and the surrounding Summerville community, it’s easy to commit to trying one each month. By summer’s end, you’ll love even more the community you’ve decided to call home.

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